Dedicated shipping

GreenSea, is all about dedicated shipping. We won’t ship for just anyone. We cater to specialized clients. We work for clients who we can service better than any other shipping company. We believe in building strong and sustainable relationships as well as a sustainable fleet. That is why GreenSea delivers more than just your valuable cargo. We deliver peace-of-mind; the human touch.

This client-specific approach brings us back-to-basics. Our organization focuses on shorter communication lines, regular reporting and providing you with one single point of contact. Our people are experienced specialists. Read more >>>

Our reefer carriers have proven to be very efficient in restricted ports close to the producing and receiving areas and in taking cargo over from any fishing boat in one run, at open sea. Read more >>>

GreenSea cares about the oceans and their rich resources. We believe in sustainable use of fishery resources and will not take on board IUU (Illegal Unregulated and Unreported) fish. We will always comply with environmental regulations.

Always on the spot and on time. No opportunities lost. No unnecessary handling or on-land storage.
Only peace-of-mind.