Fish & tuna expertise

Our fish expertise

You can’t afford to waste a second of fishing time, whereas your cargo needs to reach the market as soon as possible. That’s why we send out our vessels pro-actively to meet your fishing vessels at the fishing grounds or closest to it. You don’t have to wait for our reefer. We’re there, ready for direct transshipment, in the middle of the sea.

Our devoted crews are experienced and able to load swiftly and securely, maintaining the cold-chain and allowing you to go back to your fishing with the shortest possible delay.

Wherever you want us to load, you will avoid unnecessary handling or on-land storage. While you go back to your fishing, we take your cargo straight to the port of destination, offering fast transit times. We offer our full-reefer service all over the world, combined with regular parcel services between certain carefully chosen ports where we can accept your cargoes. All of our ships are suited to handle fish, have their own cargo-gear and we can supply fenders for high seas operations.

One more thing: we firmly believe in the responsible and sustainable use of fishery resources and will not take on board IUU (Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported fishing). We will always comply with fishery management and environmental regulations. We are the first shipping company to have been awarded with Friends of the Sea certification

Our tuna expertise

We are regarded as tuna specialists. As catches can be very erratic, we'll keep in touch with you on a daily basis. This way we can have our reefer vessel near you when you need it. We'll also adapt our tonnage planning to ensure space for you, no matter how short notice. We will take measures to make our ships even more suitable for your business and add crew to enable faster cargo operations. We will add monitoring equipment (so called VMS-units) and obtain necessary licenses, so you can work in certain regulated areas (RFMO’s). We will always comply with sanitary regulations.

Most cargo operations occur in remote places and directly from your fishing vessels. We know they are highly specialized and expensive to run. We won't waste a minute while safeguarding the cold chain in high ambient temperatures while managing good coordination between the vessels, the crews, and our offices. 

Your principals will receive daily reports during the entire operation from loading until discharge. When needed, when we load at open sea, we’ll even supply provisions to the fishing boats. In all cases, we comply with the most stringent regional fishery regulations. That’s peace of mind.