Produce & juice expertise

Timing is the most important consideration when it comes to the transport of fresh produce or chilled and frozen juice. Temperature management is a core responsibility of the carrier, but you need to be able to rely on a dedicated partner for smart time management. That's where we come in.

Our customers can be assured of a partner who is focused on the certainty of transit and delivery time. You say when, we deliver – and on time from your preferred load port to your preferred discharge port. GreenSea’s time management is real-time and transparent. We keep you up to date on your cargo's whereabouts and schedules. In fact, we deliver more than just your valuable cargo. We deliver command, control, and peace of mind.

For many years now, Florida’s largest citrus producers have trusted us with the transport of their valuable product. GreenSea operates a liner service between Florida and Europe for fresh fruits and frozen juices. We carry highly perishable fresh melons from Central America to the USA, loading in countries that often lack cold storage infrastructure at the ports. We have adapted cargo holds and deck heights to optimize cargo intake while maximizing air circulation during transport.