A visit on board MV Sierra Lara by Seafish Trade's Operations Manager

We would like to share with you the experience of Mr. Sumcov who visited our MV Sierra Lara during her cargo operatons at Nouadhibou anchorage: 

First of all, I would like to thank you for your support as well as a crew of mv Sierra Lara for hospitality. My main goal of this trip was to supervise transhipment operation and fish inspection and acquaint myself with the problems/concerns during transhipment and inspection. And I achieved my goals for 100 %.
This one week of being on board mv Sierra Lara was very informative and useful not  because of my presence there as a "tint solder" but due to help of crew of Sierra Lara,who provided me with all necessary info/docs,support (I even communicated  through VHF, solving matter quickly) which allowed me to operate thoroughly my matters on vessel and beyond it and especially of captain Sergey Stelmakh,who is a high-level specialist. (honestly,I went to the Lara with great relief when I saw who is a Master of the vessel since we met him in Luanda during our last trip in Angola, and afterwards worked with him during transhipment in Off Angola and who made an impression as Master).
As for transhipment itself, I thought that it will be a tough TS due to ETA of the trawlers which supposed to be moored at the same time (talking about M.Vasilevskiy and M.Novikov),not to mention of loaded supplies for whole "Grande Armada", but eventually all things were smoothed and TS ran without major problems. And again, despite fact that half of the ship was inaccessible for loading due to supplies, special thanks to Chief Officer who managed to load cargo as quickly as possible and according to our instructions.
Was interesting to observe mooring/unmooring operations, loading cargo operations, decision-making process (meeting with technologist and Ch/Off - how they distribute cargo between holds) and life during transhipment itself.
As for vessel cook - this guy is not so monster as I expected, the food was moderate and not spicy at all, and one time even THE BORSH was served during lunch (I'm not sure which cookbook was used, but it was a mix of all known species)).
Of course, the great part of the time was dedicated to the fish inspection, so I was constantly with our guys in the "field" but meantime keeping an eye on all operations so now I got a whole picture of what the hell is going on during transhipment.=))

I'm sure that it was not the last time, but this trip will be remembered with a great pleasure.

Once again I would like to express gratitude to GreenSea and crew of mv Sierra Lara!


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