MV Green Honduras and MV Green Italia join GreenSea fleet


As from January 2018 MV Green Honduras and MV Green Italia have joined the GreenSea fleet, both vessels are country class vessels with about 375.000 cbft reefer capacity. With this latest additons the total number of vessels is 41. 

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Fleet expansion news


We are pleased to announce that 3 vessels have joined the GreenSea fleet as from beginning 2017. Bay Phoenix, Lagoon Phoenix and Water Phoenix  will supplement the diversity of the portfolio of vessels under GreenSea control. These 3 sisters have 400.884 CBFT which provides for the largest capacity ships in our pool. The ladies are equiped with derricks and have a very shallow draft making them highly suitable for transhipment operation and trading to the most challenging ports.  

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Life on board of MV Green Karmoy


Check out this nice video which was made by one of the Deck Cadetts on board of MV Green Karmoy. It gives a nice insight in what you can see and experience while on board.

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GreenSea obtains Friend of the Sea Certification


We are proud to announce that GreenSea, as first specialized shipping company, has obtained the Friend of the Sea Certification. This achievement emphasizes our continuous efforts to fully commit to sustainability and focus on responsible shipping. 

Please check out the video:

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Greensea Fleet

Seatrade fleet expansion


SEATRADE, the world’s largest reefer vessel operator and owner, and the leader in specialised reefer logistics, is pleased to announce that the company has agreed to acquire four handy-size reefer new-buildings of 300,000 cubic feet. The vessels are of an eco design and are equipped with an environmentally friendly refrigeration plant to cool the under-deck space whilst they are able to carry refrigerated containers on-deck. The vessels are scheduled for delivery from the GSHI facility in Zhongshan, China as from the summer of 2017.

This acquisition represents another significant step in Seatrade’s commitment to further develop its services and logistical systems dedicated to the transportation of perishable goods. This order is part of the larger new-building programme involving 6 + 6 optional highspecification reefer container vessels and another 4 optional handy-size reefer vessels.

These specialised handy-size reefer vessels will be employed in the GreenSea Reefer Pool, whilst the reefer container vessels will be employed in the Seatrade Pool in current and newly developed trades, being an integrated part of the FDD (Fast, Direct & Dedicated) concept developed by Seatrade in recent years.

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Aruba Tcd

New GreenSea vessel: Sierra Queen


We are pleased to announce that a new ship has joined the GreenSea Pool: MV Sierra Queen. This lady has the largest reefer space capacity in our fleet being 398.470 cbft. With her Liberian flag and VMS unit she will be able to load in most regions, always fully complying with RFMO and international regulations in respect of sustainable fishery. With this new addition to our fleet we will be able to serve our customers with an even more diverse fleet. With her size and gear she is not only an interesting vessel for the frozen trades but also for various fruit trades like bananas, citrus, etc.

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Seafood Show 2015


GreenSea would like to thank all customers for their interest and time while visiting our stand at the Seafood Show in Brussels. We look back at 3 intensive days and a very well attended happy hour on tuesday during which most of the players in our industry were present.

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Between 2 Trawlers

Sustainable high seas transshipment


Our lady Prince of Seas has been transshipping in the SPRFMO region. This ship is of course registrated at the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation and is in possession of a transshipment licence. Additionally she has a VMS unit via which she can report her position and data to the relevant autorithies. The vessel complies with all international and national regulations and in this way GreenSea is supporting sustainable fishing industry.

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