Moving fish forward

GreenSea’s goal is to move fish forward. Our main focus is to get your fish from point A to point B while keeping your cargo fresh at all times. We have a tailored solution for every challenge, like sending our vessels pro-actively to meet your fishing vessels at the fishing grounds so you don't waste any time going back and forth between ports. With our focus on technology – such as investing in 6 new state-of-the-art ships – we’ll make whatever’s necessary for you happen.

Your fish shipping specialist

We have a solution for every challenge when it comes to shipping fish. That's our specialty. We make sure your cargo arrives where you want and when you want. Read all about it



GreenSea cares about the oceans and their rich resources.
We believe in sustainable use of fishery resources and will not take on board IUU (Illegal Unregulated and Unreported) fish. We will always comply with environmental regulations.