Carefree shipping.


We’re Greensea.

Greensea is a shipping company, specialized in refrigerated goods. Anything that needs cooling or freezing is in the best hands with our team of specialists. As a long-term partner, we know our customers through & through, and we are here to support their business. Not only do we offer a competitive edge by saving time and safeguarding quality, we also place our customers in the driver’s seat.

When working with us, you get to keep full control of your supply chain by determining where, when and how shipments will take place. While we anticipate on your needs and ensure a smooth and efficient process, you can rest assured that we always stick to the agreement. With our agile fleet of advanced reefer vessels, we will be on the right spot to load your cargo and to move it directly from point A to point B. Anywhere in the world.

We live by the rules and act responsibly. As Friend of the sea, we will always comply with environmental regulations, because we also consider ourselves a long-term partner of the oceans.

With our agile fleet, we will be on the right spot to load your cargo and to move it directly from A to B. Anywhere in the world.


Our structure

Greensea is a joint venture between Green Reefers and the Seatrade Group, established in 2012. Greensea operates a large fleet of specialized reefer vessels.

Our ship managers have a combined experience in reefer ships of more
than 90 years. They are true experts with high maintenance standards.

Our structure - photo 1